A Peace Protest is dominating the news - and headlining is the arrest of Claudia Joy’s daughter, Amanda. At the same time Claudia Joy is trying to teach Michael some basic yoga moves, they get a phone call notifying them that their daughter is at the police station.

Denise takes some “me time” and relaxes in a bath to think things over when she receives a phone call from Frank. They only have a few minutes to talk because of the line of soldiers waiting to make a phone call, so Denise reassures Frank that all is well with her.

Once again she is putting on a brave face. Frank is able to tell her how much he loves her and how proud he is because she is such a great wife.

Chase and Pamela solidify a reconnection by sending the kids over to Roxy’s for a morning of “Scone Duty" - the key phrase used within the group to signal that the couple is having some private time.

Meanwhile, Joan and Roland are still living together; for now.

Roland is sleeping on the couch now but trying so hard to make things right in his marriage. Joan seems to have given up completely. Roland suggests that since she is not on duty right now she should start up an art studio like she had when they lived in Chicago.

When they start discussing their marriage, the phone rings and Joan answers it. There is a problem with one of her soldiers, and Joan drops everything to change into her uniform, and off she goes.

Joan has to break and enter the home of her soldier, Sgt. Peter Belgrad, who is suffering from delusions and post traumatic stress disorder. He pulls a gun on Joan, calling her a traitor, but she is able to disarm him.

Denise goes with Claudia Joy to pick up Amanda from the station. Denise confides in Claudia Joy that Roxy has been teaching her self defense and explains how Roxy walked in on Jeremy attacking her.

When they return Michael is waiting to speak to his daughters. He says that he knows what Amanda was doing and reminds her that by demonstrating against the war, it shows his soldiers and the family on base that his children do not believe in what he stands for.

When Roland heads to work a new patient is brought to his attention; a soldier who was admitted for pulling a gun on a superior officer.

It doesn’t take Roland long to figure out that this soldier is one of Joan’s men. Roland listens carefully to get as much information as he can in order to find out exactly what his wife was dealing with.

When he gets home and asks Joan about her day and the soldier (not admitting he knows what happened) she denies anything out of the ordinary happened and says that at no time was she in danger.

When Pamela picks the kids up from school they are wearing new t-shirts that they made, emblazoned with “Big Brother” and “Big Sister.”

She realizes Chase did not tell them that the babies died and has to defend her family to the nosey wives who don’t understand why the kids do not know about the babies. Once again they offer to do it for her.

Pamela sees through their phony act.

She confronts Chase about not telling the kids. He says he just couldn’t do it, that when he looked into their eyes it was too hard. He thanks Pamela for all that she has done for the family.

Eventually, Pamela apologizes for lying and Chase comes in and apologizes too. Finally the truth is out and Pamela and Chase are united, knowing everyone will know the truth before long.

Roxy is getting ready for work when Trevor presents her with his will. She doesn’t want to read it at all. Trevor tells Roxy that she should read it, that he us coming back, and that he wants to adopt the boys not because he is leaving and could die but because he was adopted at age seven and that they boys need to feel - to know - they are wanted.

At the “Hump Bar,” Claudia Joy, Denise and Pamela are enjoying a drink and jokingly reminiscing about Pamela giving birth there.

Roxy walks a disruptive patron out of the bar, a strange man helps her. She thanks him by name and it is obvious that she knows him.

He turns out to be T.J.’s biological father.

He tells Roxy that he is a changed man and that he wants her back. Roxy can only stare at him and then go back to work. She does tell Trevor the next day about Jessie's appearance at the bar, and apologizes.

Jeremy takes it upon himself to sneak to the Hump Bar and wait for Jessie to show up. Trevor confronts Jessie about the adoption papers and gives him money to buy his signature.

Roxy knows that Trevor had to have intervened because the papers were in her home and Jessie does not know where she is living. She confesses that she hasn’t mailed them off for filing and that she is hesitant.

Pamela helps her to understand she is scared because she wants to protect her children that they are HER children.

At the next FRG gathering, Claudia Joy makes a speech about helping the troops and preparing the care packages.

She reaffirms to the volunteers/spouses of how much these packages mean to the soldiers who are away. Lenore comes to the gathering and doesn’t waste time asking Claudia Joy about Amanda’s arrest at a War Protest.

When Claudia Joy tells her that it was a Peace Rally, Lenore dismisses this as semantics. Claudia Joy is really proud of herself for mentioning this in front of the entire FRG.

When her focus moves to Pamela and the babies, Pamela announces in front of everyone that she lied and the babies were not dead.

Jeremy shows up at the Holden residence. He spends a few minutes talking with Amanda before asking to speak to Colonel Holden.

When they are sitting in his office Colonel Holden asks Jeremy why he is there. He explains that he is not reporting to WestPoint as scheduled.

When asked why he confesses that he assaulted his mother again. Col. Holden grabs him and shoves him up against the wall, reminding him what he said would happen if he ever hit Denise again.

Later that evening the wives are at Claudia Joy's for some wine. Colonel Holden walks in during some good jokes and a truth or dare situation.

He asks to speak to Claudia Joy. While they are talking the ladies turn on the TV. As they watch the news report, at the same time, the Colonel is telling his wife about a Black Hawk that went down.

It was a Black Hawk from Fort Marshall, their post.

Col. Holden confirms that Denise’s husband Frank was indeed on that flight. Denise says he’s alive, because she just spoke to him. But Colonel Holden admits that with the condition of the bodies they can not confirm or deny who survived or has gone missing...

Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Amanda: Look everybody, it's Jeremy Sherwood - How are you?
Jeremy: Great - Uh - Amanda, you look great!
Amanda: So do you.
Jeremy: So, when did you get home?
Amanda: About 90 minutes after I got arrested.
Jeremy: Arrested?
Amanda: I take it you haven't been watching the news?
Jeremy: I hate that show, it's too depressing.

Hey - It's me, Pamela Moran. I just want to let you all know, I made fifty grand carrying those kids. That's right, I was a paid surrogate. So, they're not my babies, they're not in the hospital, they're not dead and I lied to everyone. So - Have at it!