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As this episode of Army Wives begins, Pamela is in the hospital after giving birth to the babies.

Claudia, Denise, Roland and Roxy have gone to the hospital with her.

The nurse, thinking Roland to be the daddy, hands a baby to him. Claudia is trying to reach the parents of the twins, the Harpers, to announce their arrival.

It seems they wanted to take a last vacation before the birth of the babies.

There aren't many options and Claudia agrees to take the babies home with her until the parents return from vacation.

Michael doesn't understand why they are hiding the babies. He feels that being a surrogate is an honorable thing to do.

Claudia tells him it is only for a day. He asks Pamela how she is going to explain the disappearance of the twins and Pamela tells him they are just going to say they died.

Trevor is bathing Roxy's boys when she returns home. She remarks about how good he is with them. He tells Roxy he wants to adopt the boys. She believes Finn's father will be easy but thinks TJ's dad will resist.

Trevor tells Roxy he wants to call and get the ball rolling. When she wants to know what the rush is she realizes he is being deployed to Iraq.

Frank is chatting with Denise over her laptop from where he is stationed. Jeremy finds a dress and wants to know who wore it.

Denise laughs and tells him it was his when he was a baby. She tells him she is going out to help a friend. Jeremy reveals that he isn't going to West Point. He tells her that she chose this life, his dad chose this life but not him.

She wants him to consider attending even if only for the education.

Pamela comes home to find Chase playing video games on his new plasma screen television. She states, "We need to talk". He tells her, "You have no idea how those four words strike fear in a man."

She tells him to go screw himself. He realizes she isn't pregnant anymore. She tells him she gave birth on a pool table. He seems more concerned with others finding out about the babies then whether she is okay. He tells she screwed up and put them in a bad spot.

Roland comes home and bumps into the furniture. Turning on the light he finds Joan asleep on the couch. He inadvertently startles her awake.

She immediately reaches for a drink.

He comments on the change in the furniture and she responds that is exactly the same - the same as the day she left. She pushes him down on a chair and starts making love to him.

Pamela and Chase are discussing things over breakfast. Chase states that he feels that nothing he does is ever right. She tells him he needs to stop spending money.

She reminds him that they owe her father fifteen thousand dollars and their credit cards are maxed out. He seems unconcerned about their finances, telling her they will be fine when they get the final payment from the Harpers.

Trevor and Roxy are in their kitchen and Roxy shows him that she went shopping to get him items for his deployment.

She tried, which Trevor is grateful for, but she got the wrong things. She goes out with Pamela who offers her advice and suggestions about her new role as an Army wife.

They run into other wives on the post who inquire about the twins. Pamela flatly replies, "They're dead. They died. Any more questions?"

Claudia and her daughter Emmalin are taking care of the babies. Claudia reminds her daughter they have to keep the babies a secret.

Emmalin tells her, "I know how it works around here mom. It's worse than high school." Pamela and Roxy arrive to pick up the babies.

The Harpers call and they are going to be delayed another night. Pamela is stressed and upset, so Claudia agrees to let them stay another night.

Emmalin calls upstairs to let her mother know that Lenore Baker is at the door. Claudia needs to protect her husband and implores Pamela to keep the twins quiet.

Stressed when one of the twins cries repeatedly, Pamela begins nursing the baby. Sobbing she looks over at Roxy and tells her, "OMG, this is too hard!"
Roland arrives to help Denise and Roxy with the twins.

Roxy is going over the deployment checklist. She remarks that she doesn't even know Trevor's shoe She reads off some of the list and and Denise tells her she has an extra gas mask if Roxy wants to come over later for it.

Claudia is taking care of Pamela, helping her with housework. She warns Pamela that the lie about the twins will begin to eat at her. The doorbell rings and it is Lenore Baker at her door.

She is overly solicitous in her behavior with Pamela.

Pamela's other children are trying to figure out what is going on, deciding that all the people are there for the babies.

Pamela sends the kids out of the room and tells Lenore that they haven't let the children know about the twins. Lenore offers to assist in the process reminding her that they involve themselves in grief counseling. Pamela declines the offer.

Roland is playing basketball with a colleague who wants to know how things are going with the return of Joan. Roland tells him that Joan is having a tough time since she came back.

His colleague suggests she is going through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He reminds Roland that PTSD is a downward spiral and warns Roland to be careful.

Jeremy is angry with his mother for telling Frank that he doesn't want to go to West Point. She tries to get him to calm down but he grabs her, telling her to shut up. He has his hand over her mouth, treating her roughly.

Roxy has come over for the gas mask and sees the commotion. She enters the house, pulls Jeremy away and kicks him (most strategically).

He falls to the ground, looking up at the upset women. Roxy tells him to get out and he does. She asks Denise who he is and finds out it is her son.

Roxy suggests Denise take a self defense with her. Joan gets drunk and comes after Roland with accusations of cheating.

Pamela returns all the things Chase bought with the money. Roxy gets a sitter for the boys and stages a honeymoon for Trevor.

Joan is getting ready for work and tells Roland she can't do this anymore. Roland asks what she means and she tells him she can't keep having outbursts and she needs to be alone.

Roland tells her he wants to help her, find ways to keep her safe. She tells him she wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes and reaches for her rifle and it's not there.

He is.

She tells him she is pissed off that her M4 is not there and she doesn't know how to change that. Chase and Pamela pick up the twins from Claudia Joy's house and deliver them to the Harpers. Pamela breaks down in the car and Chase pulls her into his arms, holding her.

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