As this episode of Army Wives gets underway, a couple of major bombshells are dropped. Not literally, of course - just big secrets unveiled.

Roland admits to cheating on his wife. Joan came home, all hot and ready to hit the sheets with Roland, and she finds a hotel card in the couch.

“When was the last time you were in a hotel…you cheating on me with someone Roland,” she asks jokingly. But his response was not something she was ready for, “Couple of weeks ago, with the reporter.”

Roland must know he will pay for this one later, especially since this took place during a time she was out getting help for herself, but he simply couldn't hold it in any longer. He had to come clean to Joan.

Claudia Joy is really having a time of it with Ms. Baker. Can anyone blame Claudia for wanting to attack Lenore Baker? Nevertheless, Michael actually blamed Claudia for the mess, saying it was she that threw the first shot.

Frank and Denise are still going at it in the bedroom scene. Wouldn't you know it, though, he gets that one-week call during a make-out session.

Denise begs him to see Jeremy before he goes, especially now that they are both military and can go over at any time. No one wants to see one of them getting hurt and never saying goodbye to each other.

Frank actually does go up and talk with Jeremy.

Pamela is just all over the place. Everything is going wrong and she’s got the mouth - and the mic - to tell people off.

The big bad secret of the day with the wives, though, is that Claudia Joy hit someone in her car.

It all sets up an interesting follow-up next week ...

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Army Wives Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Joan: [jokingly] When was the last time you were in a hotel? You cheating on me with someone Roland?
Roland: Couple of weeks ago, with the reporter.

(on the air) Okay, uh, so much for announcements. Now for a little call-in segment that I'm calling 'Have At It With Pamela Moran.' Where we talk about us - the Army Wives - and what we go through. Like how it feels to be a single mom even when you're married. Or, better yet, what it's like to be the mistress 'cause the Army is the wife and sometimes that bitch gets all the attention! You know, they say, 'Mission First. People Always.' But that's crap. And what the hell does that mean, anyway? Because the Army comes first - period. And we deal with it or we move on. And it doesn't matter if your spouse wears sergeant's stripes, or, or colonel's eagle. Because worrying about your soldier at wartime feels exactly the same. So, forget rank, 'cause people are just people. And uh, speaking of which - I know we all like to gossip, but come on folks, can we just stop all the lies and innuendos about a certain colonel's wife. I mean, what the hell folks! Did we all lose direction to the high road, or what?