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This whole Army Wives episode was about transition.

The single biggest piece of news was Roxy getting The Hump Bar reopened as Betty's Bar and Grill. For Roxy, it's all about the process, getting the place fixed up while Trevor pulls away because he's gotten the General to send him back to his unit in Iraq.

Trevor is getting what he wants because he acted inappropriately. He was really happy about being able to complete his duty, but it's going to be really hard on Roxy. You can see it coming.

The heart of the episode was Claudia Joy's realization that the pain over Amanda's death is not how to express her love, that Emmalin has emotional needs, too.

When Claudia Joy pays a condolence call on the father of a soldier who's died in Iraq in a bomb blast - like Amanda died - she relates.

That scene, coupled with the reopening of the bar, was opening all the old wounds that Claudia Joy has covered up since the explosion.

But because Emmalin needs Claudia Joy to go with her to the bar's reopening, they go. It felt kind of perfunctory, kind of expected. The tribe gathered around for a group hug at the end, which was poignant.

Pamela's introduction to the Delta wives and Chase's surprise return home were sweetly presented. In the case of the latter, the kids jumped in bed with their parents. At the barbecue, the other wives are rather impressed with Pamela because of her radio show.

Something is fishy, though, and Pamela wants to investigate. Chase doesn't want her to. Either Chase is keeping something secret from Pamela or he's unaware of corruption in the Delta unit. We will see.

Joan and Roland find out they're having a girl. Joan would rather have a boy because, "The only doll I ever wanted to play with was a G.I. Joe."

Evan Conner is overstepping, but thanks to some great advice from Roland about turning Evan's eagerness against him, Joan sticks it to him.

Other notes from this Army Wives episode:

  • Ghetti reading poetry by James Dickey. In addition to poetry, he's best known for writing the novel that became the movie Deliverance.
  • The episode was directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal - Jake and Maggie's father.
  • Chase points out that Pamela's analysis of the Delta wives is due to her background as a police officer: "Once a cop, always a cop."
  • Betty made a brief appearance, calling to say she made it to California.
  • Denise's son Jeremy comes home to Fort Marshall for training. He's cool to Emmalin, but even after Denise gives him advice, he's still a jerk.


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