Army Wives Season 2

"Last Minute Changes"

As the second season winds down, Roxy, Claudia Joy, Denise, Joan and Pamela all face challenges of trying to fit in, stay connected and do right by themselves and their spouses.

"Departures, Arrivals"

Roland and Joan continue their struggle to balance work and parenthood; Denise and Mac continue seeing each other. Michael gets a potentially huge promotion.

"All in The Family"

Roxy's mom has a new boyfriend; Joan and Roland get a break from the baby. Claudia Joy finds someone minding her business who she'd rather not.


A young wife finds a friend in one of our favorite Army Wives, while new parents search for help and a teenager encounters her pen pal.

"Thank You For Letting Me Share"

A new wife is moving in. Another wife is moving on. And one might be moving out.


Pamela's stalker gets his. So does Paolo. Trevor gets a wake-up call from the kids. Denise accepts herself.

"Safe Havens"

Army Wives continues to build several key stories to a fever pitch in anticipation of the Season Two finale.

"Great Expectations"

The emotional issues involved in Claudia Joy's family turmoil and Denise's marital strife dominate this episode of Army Wives.

"Mothers & Wives"

Trevor LeBlanc (Drew Fuller) has always been perfect, or close to it. Now that he's become addicted to painkillers and resorting t...


As this episode of Army Wives begins, Pamela (Brigid Brannagh) is spending time with Brenda, the reporter who wrote the article about her. They do yoga together and get drinks and talk about how they manage when their husbands are deploye...

"Casting Out the Net"

Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) talks to Michael about hearing that kids were buying drugs from soldiers on post. Michael says he'll tak...


Roland pulls Denise aside when he bumped into her on the street to talk to her about Getti. He saw the way she was looking at him at the...

"Uncharted Territory"

This whole Army Wives episode was about transition. The single biggest piece of news was Roxy getting The Hump Bar reopened as Betty's B...

"Thicker Than Water"

Claudia Joy talks to Sarah's mom, who is having parenting issues as she's about to be deployed. With her husband already ove...

"The Hero Returns"

Picking up where Leaving the Tribe left off, it's becoming clearer than ever how Denise is treading on dangerous water with Getti. While...

"Leaving the Tribe"

The rock, Michael Holden, is finally in pain. It was fitting that the General wouldn't make it easy for Claudia Joy to find out what was...

"The Messenger"

Last week Pamela had issues with Chase over him constantly coming and going. This week their daughter Katie had a similar complaint when...

"Strangers in a Strange Land"

Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) trying to keep it together and be strong, which means holding her breath and going about her daily business in ...

"Would You Know My Name"

The much-anticipated Season 2 of Army Wives begins four days after Season 1, using Pamela's radio show to reveal what happened. Told fro...

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Army Wives Season 2 Quotes

Show me the mother, and I'll show you the child.


Claudia Joy: Why did you go into that bar, Amanda?
Amanda: For you, Mom.