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Trevor is falling apart on the field as he tries to deal with his marital issues, but without actually dealing with Roxy.

Frank stands by Trevor's side even after Trevor acts in an extremely demeaning way on the field. He vouches for his future as a good officer and tells Trevor to deal with his problems so he doesn't have to take back his support.

Roxy receives some much needed advice from Denise, and it gives her the strength to come clean with Trevor about all she had feared after Jeremy's death and her need to prove herself a capable single mother.

Joan and Roland find the perfect child to adopt, but he has HIV. They decide to take the plunge because upon their first meeting David already felt like a member of their family.

Claudia Joy takes cases and does as she pleases at Chandler's firm. It goes so far that her coworkers begin to talk and Grant admits he has feelings for her. She quits her job and decides to focus her efforts elsewhere.



Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Frank: Now hold it right there. Are you about to blame your piss poor conduct on your wife? Did your wife tell you to go out drinking last night? Did your wife tell you to oversleep this morning?
Trevor: No sir.
Frank: No. That's an excuse I expect to hear from a Private, not an NCO. Certainly not a Silver Star recipient.

Frank: You know Sargent, as a rule, I don't enjoy having to clean puke off my boots.
Trevor: No sir.