Army Wives Review: "Battle Buddies"

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Trevor's life sure seemed to be hitting rock bottom this week. Drinking and throwing up on Frank's shoes had to be as bad as it will get, right?

Whatever the underlying circumstance is, it's not only wrecking his marriage but his enlisted life, as well. Frank laying into him had to be utterly embarrassing. I was wondering whether it would make a difference. I'm happy to have been proven wrong.

When Denise ran into Roxy and offered her hand in friendship, Roxy turned away by lying and saying everything was okay. I was hoping she wouldn't try to go through this alone, and Denise didn't give up on her. I like how deep their friendships go, but that Denise still didn't know Whit was Finn's father.

The last thing I expected Trevor to say to Roxy was that he didn't know who she was any more. If anything, she has remained Roxy to the core. Trevor, on the other hand, has lost his ability to connect with her, as everything he fell for no longer appeals to him.

And yet when Denise spoke with Roxy, she spoke to her in a way to put her soldier first. Looking at it from the outside, sitting on my couch, it's easy to want to think of it as a civilian marriage, but it truly isn't. Being married to a soldier comes with a completely different set of responsibilities.

It was a great moment when Roxy finally admitted to Trevor she had to make sure she could still care for her boys on her own in the wake of Jeremy's death.

Elsewhere, the Burtons are so close to finding a foster child. The young boy they met was just perfect. Intelligent, charming and friendly. They all got along so well. I guess things are never as perfect as hoped, though. The reactions from both Roland and Joan were heart wrenching when they learned he was HIV positive.

I'm not sure what my reaction would be, but I can't think of two people better prepared to handle such a child, despite their own hesitation.

There are so many possible complications, but they have proven their ability to remain strong through the worst of times. I was so glad they decided to go ahead with the adoption, and I look forward to seeing them welcome him to the family.

I have to be honest, I am not finding the work Claudia Joy does enhancing Army Wives. It's almost like a bit of a procedural being tossed into the middle of the program, and I find it distracting. Maybe it's because we know the main characters so well that I find it so difficult to become involved with her cases of the week, but they are not adding anything to a show I already enjoy on its own level.

Claudia Joy seems to want to focus on sexual misconduct against women in the military because she can't believe that in 2011 a woman still needs "Battle Buddies" to survive the sexual abuse of her fellow soldiers.

That could be a crusade they could really dig into. Maybe she'll start her own firm, once she passes her bar exam.

It was a relatively joyful episode, with our families changing for the better. The one thing I wish going forward is that we get to see more of the Morans. They got married and disappeared off the canvas. Time to reel them back in!

Battle Buddies Review

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Army Wives Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Frank: Now hold it right there. Are you about to blame your piss poor conduct on your wife? Did your wife tell you to go out drinking last night? Did your wife tell you to oversleep this morning?
Trevor: No sir.
Frank: No. That's an excuse I expect to hear from a Private, not an NCO. Certainly not a Silver Star recipient.

Frank: You know Sargent, as a rule, I don't enjoy having to clean puke off my boots.
Trevor: No sir.