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Trevor's friend Cory arrives for surgery on his burn injuries.

Hector tells Gloria she can keep her job at the Hump Bar.

The man Denise killed was a multi murderer.

Joan panics when David isn't where he is supposed to be.

Marcus takes David to his old home town without the Burton's permission, and he gets jumped.

Roland and Joan decide to tell Marcus' parole officer that he abducted David.

Cody's wife leaves him during surgery.

Jackie gives Claudia Joy some advice about guns and taking control of her life.

The Burtons give Marcus a chance to say goodbye to David. 

Marcus asks for Joan's forgiveness before he leaves, and she says there may be hope for him yet.

Roxy and Trevor ask Cory to stay with them for a while.

Gloria finds out about Hectors deceit.



Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Well, when a homicidal maniac charges you with a pair of scissors, I think you'd be able to pull the trigger.


Roland: Who made the first phone call? You or Marcus?
David: I did. I texted him.