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Roxy is concerned about Cody's depression.

Gloria tells Roxy that Hector cheated on her.

Gloria reacts poorly to seeing Cody for the first time.

Hector tries to get Gloria to try counseling to save his Army career.

The 32nd Airborne is getting ready for another deployment to patrol the border of Pakistan.

Claudia Joy helps a veteran when the VA declares him dead.

Frank's brigade is not selected for deployment and he's not happy about it.

Charlie tells Nicole's mother that they are getting married. 

Trevor gives Cody a pep talk about his career.

Hector and Gloria try marriage counseling. 

Nicole receives her bronze start, with her mother and fiance at her side.

Gloria and Cody talk about their marriage troubles.

Roxy and Trevor say goodbye to their house guest.


Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

I'm not Nicole's roommate, I'm her fiance! And we're getting married.


How is it you're getting a medal for valor but you can't find the courage to tell your mother we're getting married?