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When Eddie is deployed, Caroline decides she wants to live with her real mother. 

Michael donates Claudia Joy's clothes to the FRG clothing drive.

Maggie thinks of herself as the tourist of Army wives.

Denise goes ballistic when someone drops a piece of Claudia Joy's clothing on the floor during the drive.

Denise is feeling a lot of different things about Claudia Joy, even at the hospital with diabetes appointments.

David's HIV has developed genetic mutations making it resistant to his current meds.

Pat breaks the news to Gloria that he's deploying.

Frank calls to check on Denise.

Eddie loses custody of Caroline if he's deployed.

Joan calls Latasha to stay with David when she can't and his meds are affecting him.

Caroline's mother gets a DUI on the way to pick her up.

Gloria goes to see Pat off, and they decide to see what happens with their future.


Army Wives
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Army Wives Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

What was I? Just some piece of ass before you went off to war?


When I heard about the clothing drive, it hit me. This is exactly what Claudia Joy would have wanted. To continue to be useful. To let other Army wives benefit from her life.