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... As the World Turns ...

... Will assures Alison that he doesn't know what she did out in Las Vegas and doesn't want to know but will support her the way she did when he "messed up." Gwen returns and jealously listens to her husband talking about their friendship...

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She then assures Alison that they are her friends and invite her to join them at the movies later this week. Gwen admits to Will that she invited her to hang out with them because she knows that's what he wanted and as her insecurities reveal themselves, Will admits he has forgiven Alison for hurting him. As Aaron stands up to Cole for the way he's treating her, Sofie asks Aaron to back off and assures him everything is okay.

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After Cole storms off, she confides to Aaron that she can't break up with Cole and he guesses correctly that she's pregnant. Admitting she hasn't told Cole, Sofie swears him to secrecy and as she embraces him, Alison spots them together. Cole greets his mother Iris at Al's. Katie finally decides to call Carly when Jack fails to answer his cellphone again.

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But when she does so, Carly's ring tone lets Kit know that Carly is hiding in the bar. After curtly advising Katie that everything is "peachy," Kit calls her bluff when she claims that Jack's outside but then worries to hear the police responded to Silas blowing up her cabin. The two end up fighting until Carly knocks Kit out.

... and as the Episode Concludes ...

Things go from bad to worse for Katie when Brad accidentally knocks her engagement ring down the kitchen drain. She calls it a sign. Brad removes the mangled ring and assures her the diamond is okay.

As the World Turns
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