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... As the World Turns ...

Cole gives Sofie a hard time when she asks if she can meet him later with a picnic dinner. She confides in Aaron that Cole's a frustrated songwriter working at a low-paying job at a garage.

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Aaron escorts her to Old Town to meet Cole and sticks around to make sure she's safe.

Handcuffed together at the cabin, Jack instructs Carly how to get the key out of his pocket but when that fails, he takes a pin out of her hair.

In the backroom at the bar, Silas promises Kit that the cop and his girlfriend are history. She panics when J.J. blurts out that he better not hurt his parents and orders them to take the kid and get out.

When they ask for a place to stay, she reluctantly sends them to an abandoned building off Route 7 that she owns.

First, Silas returns to the cabin and Tells Jack and Carly that he intends to raise J.J. as his own as Les would have. He then douses the cabin with gasoline and sets the place on fire.

Jack manages to pick the lock on the handcuffs but then passes out. Carly gets him out before the entire cabin goes up in flames. As the EMTs arrive, Carly tells the FBI agents what happened.

Jack comes to and asks Carly to go home but she refuses.


As Brad loses one hand after another at the farm, Katie urges him to stop drinking and stop removing his clothes but he eventually passes out. When he wakes, a still tipsy Brad asks if he would have a chance if Jack wasn't in her life. Katie won't consider Jack not being with her.

As Gwen and Will get a milkshake at Al's and eye the ultrasound photo of "Murgatroyd,"Iris ruins the moment when she interrupts and guesses that Gwen's pregnant.

Gwen warns her mother that she will not allow her anywhere near their baby.

... As the World Turns ...

As the World Turns
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