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Alison covers for Susan when Bob hears her arguing with her and Dusty. Susan privately blasts Dusty for interfering, but Alison suggests that she's putting her career as a doctor in jeopardy.


Taking the rest of the day off, Susan ends up at Al's where she points out to Alison how she has ignored her and her own problems for the past six months. Apologizing for laying all of her own troubles on her, Alison suggests they handle their problems together.


After a direct order fails, Jack pleads with Carly to stay in Oakdale while he heads to Idaho in search of their kidnapped son. While they drive him to Idaho, J.J. tells the kidnappers that they can't raise him because he's not their son. Silas vows to teach him some manners. Aaron watches as Sofie's boyfriend Cole grabs her arm and tells her that he didn't want her working tonight.


Later, Sofie explains why she wants to keep her job but he remains upset with her and demands that she leave with him. Aaron tries to stand up for Sofie but Cole challenges him to a fight. Sofie steps between them and Cole suddenly changes his story before walking out. Sofie apologizes to Aaron and sheepishly admits she does that often for him.

Also, Katie (Terri Colombino) leaks to Brad about the lead she gave to Jack and complains about Carly butting in - and Jack ignoring the threat to his own life.


Brad encourages her to have faith in Jack who interrupts to say goodbye before leaving. He then pulls out the engagement ring again and asks her to marry him. Katie accepts. Carly announces to Gwen that she is going to Idaho even though Jack asked her to remain behind. Parker guesses where Carly is going and agrees not to warn Jack.

As the World Turns
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