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As the World Turns
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Today on As the World Turns

Faith is suspicious when she comes home unexpectedly and finds Mike about to have breakfast with Lily. Lily chastises her daughter for assuming "the worst" and then heads to the farm when Mike gets a call from Neal.

Bringing Meg and Paul to the farm as well, Neal announces to the Snyder family that the toxins in the soil mean that his company cannot recoup their investment so they are backing out of the project.

Paul reminds the Brit that they have a contract but Neal cites the clause in their deal that enables him to do just that.

After Neal exits and Emma bemoans the failing farm, Paul offers to step in with his own money to finish the project.

Meg gives her brother the good news but he asks why Paul would do such a thing since he already married her. Meg resents his question and calls him and their mother closed-minded.

Lily's upset to hear Mike's going to leave town now that the project is canceled. When Holden suspects that Lily and Mike are hiding something, she boasts that they slept together.

Holden worries that she might get hurt but she denies that Mike is anything like Dusty. After a bitter argument, Holden signs the separation agreements but warns Lily there is no turning back once she signs them.

She claims they hurt each other too much to stay together. Jack invites an anxious Carly to accompany him to pick up J.J. from camp.

On the way, Jack advises Carly that no one has a right to judge her. Henry's not pleased when Bonnie gives Marcello their wine dealer a hard time until she shows him how she was able to negotiate better prices for the club.

Later, when Paul insists that she handle the contract for the farm, Bonnie turns him down until he doubles her fee. Paul later gives the good news to Emma and then Mike who admits he's thrilled to be able to stay in Oakdale.

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