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As the World Turns
August 19, 2008

Today on As the World Turns, Emma advises Mike that her vet warned that her feed may be responsible for a virus spreading through her livestock.

They both guess it's from the problem with the soil.

As Mike walks the property with Paul, Emily interrupts and asks if Paul intends to build eco-friendly homes on contaminated soil.

Paul tries to convince her there is no story with this development but she vows to find out what he's hiding.

He confronts her at the newspaper and vows to reveal her secrets if she runs a story about his development. Finding Meg feeling ill at the farm, Mike insists on taking her to the hospital when she's unable to reach Paul.

At the hospital Aaron angrily orders Chris to get him another doctor but Alison suggests they learn to get along. Susan finds them arguing and asks Chris to back off.

Chris pleads with Alison to get her mother to give him some slack. When Dani interrupts, Alison welcomes her back to Oakdale and confirms that Aaron is her "kind of" boyfriend.

Dani then meets Chris and comments on how handsome he is. Alison urges her to stay away from Chris because he's troubled but Dani claims he's fair game.

When Dani manages to get a job, she spots Chris at the Lakeview and invites him to celebrate with her.

Aaron and Alison come to the hotel in hopes of getting Aaron's bartending job back. Alison's upset to see Dani with Chris.

At Metro, Derek introduces himself to Bonnie who is cold to him until he compliments her.

After meeting Henry, Derek overhears Bonnie talking about Paul's shaky project and rushes out to the property to see for himself.

There, Mike catches him snooping and calls Paul. While Paul confronts his money man, Meg advises Emma that she's pregnant. Told to stay out of his business, Derek ignores Paul's threat and issues one of his own.

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As the World Turns
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