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As the World Turns
August 20, 2008

Today on As the World Turns ...

When Parker calls Liberty to arrange a secret meeting, Katie okays the idea because she and Brad have secretly arranged for Liberty to be on a "date" with Leo from the TV station.

Paying J.J. twenty dollars to help, Parker tells Carly they're going to the movies and then slips over to Al's where he spots Liberty with Leo.

Not in on the plan, Janet spies Parker and unknowingly assures him that Liberty is not on a date. She urges him to go home before he gets into anymore trouble.

Katie and Brad see him leave and guess their plan is a success. Carly catches J.J. at home and forces him to admit their deception.

She calls Jack who finds out about Brad and Katie's silly plan from Janet. Carly and Jack confront Katie and Brad at the diner, and join Janet in blasting them for their potentially hurtful scheme.

Back from the CD store, Liberty sees the parents arguing so Leo invites her to slip away with him. But when he tries to kiss her, Liberty becomes upset. Parker jumps in and punches Leo who runs off.

Liberty calls her mother and when the adults arrive, she claims Parker's a hero. Brad reluctantly thanks Parker but Liberty points out they only care about getting Parker out of her life.

Later, Janet, Jack and Carly agree Parker and Liberty can see each other as long as an adult is present.

Calling her to Fashions for help, Lucinda advises Lily that she wants her to host a dinner tonight for Brian and the boys.

Lily guesses that Lucinda's got her eye on Brian but when they arrive, Brian can't take his eyes off Lily and admits that he too just went through a divorce.

After Noah leaves, Brian privately warns Luke how conservative the philanthropic community can be.

After assuring Luke he doesn't have a problem with him being gay, Brian urges him to keep his personal relationship a secret for the sake of the foundation.

Luke complains to Lily and Lucinda who vows to fire him if he is homophobic.

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