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As the World Turns
June 11, 2008 - Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

Tom makes a move to try to help Chris but warns his client and Bob that Alison has a good case. Alison is pleased to hear that the order against her at the hospital has been rescinded.

Bonnie warns her that this is a ploy to get her to drop the lawsuit and suggests it shows how strong her case is. Tom finds Daniel back home with Margo, Casey and Emily.

He suggests that Emily not come over until the case is over. She's shocked to hear about the lawsuit. After Chris mentions his concern about how the lawsuit may affect Bob, Kim approaches Susan for help for fear the lawsuit could hurt both families.

Susan urges Alison to reconsider but when Emily hears this, she blasts her mother for urging Alison to do the wrong thing. Surprisingly, Alison asks Emily to mind her own business but then tells Susan that she is not changing her mind.

After Daniel reveals that Emily and Casey spent a lot of time together in New York, Tom suggests Casey stay away from her. Casey angrily refuses and reminds them he's an adult.

He runs to Emily who also thinks they need to take a break. Instead, he kisses her passionately

While Holden is trying to convince Luke to keep busy to take his mind off his troubled love life, Lily invites Noah to the farm for dinner.

There, Luke offers to make an excuse so that Noah can go back home but he agrees to stay. During an uncomfortable meal, Lily keeps pressing Noah to be with Luke even as Luke asks her to back off.

Noah thanks Lily and Holden for the dinner but then takes off. Luke chases after him and offers to move into the cottage. Noah announces he's moving back on campus.

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