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As the World Turns
June 10, 2008 Recap

Today on As the World Turns, Brad's uncomfortable to find Janet making breakfast while clad only in his t-shirt. After he rushes out to work at WOAK, Liberty points out that Janet has successfully moved into Brad's house. Janet insists this is totally innocent.

Admitting the golf segment for today's taping has been canceled, Kim assigns Brad to handle an interview with a woman about being a single mom. Brad suggests Kim have Janet be on the show too. Thrilled by the request, Janet decides to wear one of Katie's dresses.

During the taping, Liberty's description about her upbringing allows Janet to tell the audience that she never intended to be a single mom. Afterwards, spotting Bud in the lobby, Janet feigns being scared so Brad invites her to stay with him and Liberty.

Carly decides to take J.J. to the hospital after his strep throat becomes worse. The doctor advises her and Jack that J.J.'s been ill for a couple of weeks but sends him home with instructions and medication.

Carly and Jack both take the blame for not noticing sooner that their son was ill. Back at home, Carly's embarrassed when Jack catches her in the bathtub. Later, Jack lies down next to her as he tries to get her to relax but he's the one who falls asleep.

Lucinda tells an upset Lily and Holden about Luke's adventure in New York. While Noah's upset to have left Ameera behind in jail in New York, Luke assures him that his grandmother will have her freed in no time.

Noah blasts Luke for not being understanding after his father killed himself but Luke reminds him that they love each other. Apologizing, Noah tells Luke that he needs to take a break from "us" but then becomes irate and starts screaming.

Luke runs home to Holden and Lily who is taken aback when Holden suggests Noah's right to want to take a break in their relationship. Holden calls Jack but is surprised when Carly answers his phone.

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