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As the World Turns
June 13, 2008 (Recap)

Today on As the World Turns:

Jack guesses that Parker wants to skip summer camp to be with the girl he likes but the teen admits that his coach has offered him a summer job teaching tennis.

Janet gives Liberty Brad's shirt and asks her to replace it so that Brad and Katie aren't aware. After admitting she'll be attending summer school, Liberty meets Parker and offers to show him how to play tennis.

Instead, he shows her how good he is but is disappointed that his prowess on the court couldn't keep her from leaving with Dylan. Disappointed that her daughter can't spend the day with her, Janet stops by to see Jack and surprises him by cleaning Carly's kitchen.

Unable to sleep most of the night in the cottage, both Carly and Holden are nervous as he helps her down from the top bunk and into his arms. During the three-legged race, the two trip and Holden falls on top of her.

Sage snaps photos of them embracing. After they leave, they stop to take in a beautiful view and discover their car has been stolen. Hitchhiking, Carly and Holden eventually find their car but discover the key missing and their money and phones are gone.

He "hot wires" the car to start it and ends up kissing her when she asks him to show her how to do it. Cole warns Sofie to make a quick move with Paul before anyone finds out about her many lies.

Boasting of how Mike helped, Meg takes Paul to Winnetka where they meet with Sister Ann about Sofie's years at Sacred Heart School.

The nun searches a database and claims they have no record of Sofie going to school. Meg confronts her and boasts that her case against Paul is over.

After tricking Meg into going to see Barbara, Sofie approaches Paul and cries that her life is ruined. She gets Paul to admit that he led her on.

Claiming he doesn't hate her, Paul offers her a check to help get her life back on track. Sofie takes the $100,000 check to Margo while Meg worries he's just made his case worse.

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