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As the World Turns
June 16 Recap

Today on As the World Turns ...

While Sofie lies to Cole that Paul didn't take her offer, she leaks that she went to the police. Cole blasts Sofie for not being able to do one single thing for him.

Furious he only cares about the cash, Sofie kicks him out of her hotel room. Paul boasts to Meg that Margo just called to let him know that Sofie dropped the charges.

When Sofie stops by Fairwinds, Meg orders her to get out, admitting that she knows she took Paul's money and dropped the charges.

Finding Noah giving him the cold shoulder, Luke warns him that he's pushing him further and further away. Telling that his father is dead and he's now alone, Noah insists he's got to do this on his own.

Luke then runs into his friend Reg at the Java and learns that he broke up with his boyfriend Tony. Reg asks about Noah and his "marriage," admitting that if Luke's ever available, he'd like to go out sometime.

Luke returns to Noah and tells him about Reg which leads to another bitter fight until Luke walks out. Lucinda later leaks to Noah about Luke's undying concern for him in New York.

Impressed, Noah runs to find Luke but runs off after seeing him sitting with Reg. Lucinda urges Barbara to allow her family to take care of her during her health crisis.

After Barbara agrees, Meg decides to take a leave from the hospital to care for Barbara full time. Sofie tells Paul she's thinking of leaving town and starting her life over.

Later, she overhears Meg remind Paul that she is on probation at the hospital and rushes to a hospital computer to find out what Meg did.

As they share a kiss, Carly burns her hand on the engine Holden just hot-wired and then rides silently home from the summer camp after Holden refuses to talk.

When they arrive at the farm, a guilt- ridden Holden offers to have breakfast with Lily tomorrow. Carly's mesmerized as she views photos of her and Holden at the summer camp.

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