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Audrey barges into Henry and Vienna's room and confesses that her business partner took her money. She thought that James would be willing to pay her the $50,000.

Henry reminds her that James held him captive and almost had him killed but Audrey suggests that this is more incentive for him to pay her.

After Henry kicks her out, Vienna convinces him to use his Geneva Swift money to pay his mother's debts.

In front of Barbara, Emily tells Paul that she hired a lawyer to make sure he doesn't get a penny of the money he gave her.

Paul follows Emily as she meets Dusty and asks him to provide her with an office so she can publish her paper.

Paul interrupts and surprises Emily with a kiss.

After sex, Emily invites him to be co-owner of the paper.

Audrey introduces herself to Barbara who later spots her with a threatening Jay. Barbara guesses she wants the Stenbeck fortune so Audrey claims that she and James were lovers.

Barbara offers her a check to "protect her son." Before turning down the offer, a suspicious Audrey secretly takes her keys when she's not looking and eventually finds James in the Fairwinds' wine cellar.

She insists that Henry is their son and takes James to meet him. Barbara and Paul find James missing and Emily overhears that James is still alive.

Meanwhile, Henry gets his own confirmation that he is James' son. He and Vienna are shocked to find Audrey and James at their door.

Dusty thanks Bonnie for her legal help. He admits he likes her but worries he'll hurt her. She takes him up to his room for sex but after she walks out and he doesn't chase her, she lashes out at him for letting her leave.

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