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Paul, Barbara, James, Audrey and Vienna witness James claim he believes Henry is his son. Paul claims he doesn't care about any hidden offshore money and walks out.

Jay arrives and James promises to pay the $50,000 Audrey owes him. Admitting he's dying, James states that he just wants to be with his sons, hinting that he'll give the rest of his money to the son who dotes on him.

After kicking them out, Vienna and Henry have sex. Audrey and James also hop into bed. Henry returns to his "parents" and lies that he does want a relationship with them.

Barbara catches Henry as he leaves and hints that she's going to make sure that he and Paul spend time together. After Paul admits he's glad he's done with James, Emily encourages him to call the police.

Alison fumes when she is suspended because of her recent mistakes with patients. Riley finds her packing and encourages her to report what Bob did. She refuses.

When Kim wakes, Bob solemnly tells her that she had an overdose of an anticoagulent drug. He adds that a nurse told him Alison was responsible. Kim explains that Alison told her that Bob was responsible for the wrong dosage Riley received.

Riley confronts Bob about blaming Alison for his mistakes and reminds him that he didn't know how to work his pager the other day they met.

Bob later tells Alison she can go back to work but insists she not tell anyone what really happened.

She agrees as long as he meets with a consultant. Bob makes the appointment but cancels it later.

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