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Lily argues with Meg about Damian. Holden learns about the job offer. After Meg walks out, Holden asks his wife why she's so upset.

When she badmouths Damian, he claims he hasn't changed and guesses that she's being drawn to him again.

Meg runs to Damian and admits that she fought with Lily about him.

Later at the farm, Meg accuses Lily of wanting what's best for her only if it doesn't include Damian. Boasting that she and Holden are happy now, Lily demands that she not mention anything about Damian to her husband.

Lily pleads with Holden to get Damian away from Meg but he refuses. Lily calls Damian and announces that she and Holden won't interfere anymore.

The doctor urges Emily to convince Paul to have the operation on his brain lesion but Paul explains that if he doesn't want to return to the evil person he once was.

Boasting about his first day at work, Luke invites Noah to a business dinner tonight at the Lakeview. Noah explains that he's got to see a movie at school tonight with Mason and can't come.

Noah is amazed when Mason explains he set up the screening just for the two of them. When Luke meets Damian's client and is introduced to her attractive daughter, Luke accuses him of trying to set him up with her.

Damian denies it and claims he had no idea she would be there.

Luke apologizes and rejoins the dinner. Hunter complains to Alison about the terrible things that have happened to him in the past few weeks.

When he complains about needing a new job, Alison runs to see Paul and finds her sister embracing him. Shocked he has amnesia, Alison asks Paul to stay away from her sister.

Pleased to hear he quit his job at the paper, Emily offers to call Lucinda to get his job back. Hunter insists he didn't do this for her and vows to start over without her help.

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