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Noah introduces Luke to his faculty advisor, Mason Jarvis. He tells them that they make a great couple. Later, Noah and Luke find Mason out with friend George.

After George walks out, Mason reveals that George is rich with nothing to do. Paul asks Barbara to tell her about his father.

She admits that he was not a nice man. Bonnie warns Dusty that he's facing serious prison time because of the bomb he set at the warehouse.

Telling her not to worry, Dusty announces that he's going to plead guilty. Bonnie urges him to forget about such an idea and then surprises him with a kiss.

Dusty advises his attorney that now is not a good time for him to start a relationship. Holden urges Meg not to be fooled by Paul or Damian who he doubts is "genuinely" trying to be a better person.

Meg insists she is grateful to Damian for all that he has done but he suggests it might be best to stay away from all three guys for the time being.

Instead, Meg stops by to see Paul and tries to fill in some of the blanks he has due to his amnesia.

Surprised that she has anything to do with him after all the terrible things that he has done to her, Paul invites Meg to leave.

Insisting he's just trying to help her sister-in-law, Damian asks Lily for her help and invites her to drop everything and fly to New York with him to meet a specialist.

The two convince Dr. Frankel to examine Paul in hopes of recovering his memory. Holden interrupts Bonnie and Dusty and warns him that Damian has his eyes on Meg.

Dusty tells Holden how Damian agreed with the bomb idea.

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