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Craig explains her new job to Teri and offers her a gig at Metro. Rosanna worries what Carly will think, but Sage is thrilled to hear that Teri will be there.

Janet is not happy when Jack decides to fetch the kids himself to bring them to the farm. Not pleased Craig's hired Teri, Jack tells Sage that she's going to live at the farm until her mother is back.

Outraged, Sage blasts Jack for taking away another "good thing." At the farm, Teri tries to check on Sage and finds Janet there.

Jack is astounded to hear that Teri is her "baby" sister. Tom comes home to find Riley helping Margo make dinner again.

As they eat, Tom offers Riley a job in Milwaukee and though he's thrilled by the offer, Margo pulls Tom outside and claims it's too soon for Riley to leave.

Casey surprises Alison with a "concert" up on the roof of the hospital but as she assures him she's ready for sex, he gets a call from Margo asking for his help.

Casey questions Tom about why he wants Riley gone and is quietly amused to realize that he thinks that Riley and Margo might be doing something "inappropriate."

He assures Tom they are just friends and warns that Margo will never forgive him if he sends Riley away.

Casey then urges Riley to stay away from the house for awhile so that Margo and Tom can work out their differences. Alison is impressed that Casey helped Riley.

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