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Craig argues with Rosanna about why his bride is late to her own wedding. The two hurry to Yo's where the bartender denies seeing any woman in a wedding gown.

Liberty questions Parker about why he's so upset about his mother. He calls her a drunk and claims there won't be a wedding today because of it.

She tries to convince him that Carly's drinking problem is not his fault.

Janet asks Jack to figure out where Carly might be but he claims this time, it's different.

Holden's surprised to find a drunk Carly outside the house, asking for help because she has nowhere else to go. Inside, she admits that she hasn't told Craig she's drinking.

While he leaves for a moment, Carly spots the liquor table and pours herself another drink. Holden returns and agrees to drive her to the Wagon Wheel.

As they leave, she secretly grabs a bottle to take with her.

At the motel, she asks him to stay and then grabs him and kisses him before she passes out. Holden calls Jack for help which upsets Janet who thinks this is not Jack's business.

Carly ends up in the hospital to have her stomach pumped.

Carly wakes and finds Rosanna at her hospital bed.

Amused to see Luke excited about moving in with Noah today, Lily congratulates a pleased Damian for accepting Luke as he is.

Noah is unnerved when he finds one of his dad's medals.

Finding an upset Noah at the site where he last saw his father, Luke assures him that he did the right thing turning him in to the police and assists him in burning the items from his father's past.

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