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Dusty is fed up with how slowly Len the cop is moving to find Paul and Eliza. Edna confronts Rosanna and Paul.

She explains that the police think that Paul kidnapped the baby.

She insists that Rosanna leave with Paul for the sake of the farm community. Later, Dusty's harsh words have the opposite effect when he questions Edna so Bonnie turns on the charm and learns they're leaving on Route 6.

But when Dusty senses Bonnie's not feeling well, he takes two motel rooms for the night. When their car breaks down, Rosanna and Paul find help at a local restaurant.

Kim asks Katie and Brad to do one more segment for their reality show with Henry and Vienna. Pointing out all the pain they've gone through, Henry wants nothing to do with it.

As they start the taping at WOAK, Katie collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Vienna frantically calls Henry and pleads with him to come help Katie.

Relieved she and the baby are okay, Katie is ordered to stay in bed. She sends Vienna and Brad back to the studio while Henry stays with Katie and reconciles with his friend.

Meanwhile, Brad asks Kim for his job back after they finish the taping. Kim considers it but points out they can't do the show until Katie is better. Vienna offers to take her place.

Later, the two tell Katie and Henry who doesn't like the idea of her spending time with Brad. Vienna takes him home to change his mind.

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