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Damian advises a hired thug that he intends to ship weapons illegally to make money. The dude announces he can't work for him in that case.

Damian arranges to meet with Fredo about using his help. Before he does, Luke approaches Damian on the docks and is shocked when his father screams at him to get away.

He walks off but sticks around to watch as Fredo approaches Damian who pulls a gun on him. Fredo gets the upper hand but Luke jumps the thug.

Noah arrives, grabs the gun from the ground and shoots Fredo in the hand.

After Damian explains what he was doing, Margo arrives and arrests Fredo.

Hearing the story about the smuggled weapons, she sets Lucy free but after everyone congratulates Damian, Holden points out the danger Luke faced.

Finding Katie still tired and upset about Vienna's baby, Brad offers to get her something to help her sleep and runs into Vienna as she and Henry shop for maternity clothes. He lashes out at her for hurting Katie.

Vienna visits Katie and decides to let her feel her very active baby.

Katie asks her to reconsider and let her and Brad adopt the baby. Vienna returns to Henry and explains what Katie asked.

Henry refuses to consider the idea and while Katie is encouraged, Brad also wants nothing to do with the idea.

However, Katie convinces a lovesick Brad to change his mind so the two hurry back over to give Henry and Vienna the good news.

Instead, Henry won't change his mind leaving Brad and Katie furious at being hurt and deceived again.

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