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After telling Vienna and Henry that they want nothing to do with either of them, Katie takes a call from Craig. He invites her to a family dinner with Carly.

Katie claims she's busy but when she arrives at the studio for a taping, she is upset by the cameraman still taping for the reality documentary about the baby.

Jack's amused when Margo talks positively about Craig.

Liberty urges Parker to believe that she is still friends with him and is concerned about his future but he doesn't believe her since she ended their marriage.

When Liberty leaks to her mother about Parker skipping school, Janet calls Jack and asks him to meet her at Carly's.

Parker returns home and refuses to have anything to do with Craig or his mother's dinner.

Once Margo arrives, Craig pours champagne for her and him, giving Carly cola for a toast to the people who have helped him.

Brad calls Margo to come help a depressed Katie.

After she leaves, Jack and Janet arrive and spill the beans about Parker's truancy.

Parker explains that he just "drives around" instead of going to school and, claiming it's his life, boasts that they can't do anything about it.

As the teen runs out, Jack decides to take the car away from him but Craig claims that won't stop the anger.

Alone with Carly who has started drinking the champagne, Craig tells her that Jack is right.

After Mr. Quick, an attorney explains to him and Vienna that he represents a woman who is willing to give up her baby for an adoption, Henry tells Brad who talks with Katie about the idea and then calls the attorney.

Mr. Quick meets them an asks for a $10,000 check before they meet the mother.

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