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Damian guesses that Paul may be planning to leave town. Paul clears out his bank account and heads to the airport.

There, he hires a private plane to fly him and Eliza away.

Bonnie advises a crying Meg and Dusty that Paul still has custody of Eliza and can take the girl anywhere he wants.

She does offer to file a motion to have Paul remain in town.

Damian approaches the pilot paid off by Paul and asks him to delay the flight for as long as he can.

As they negotiate, Paul spots Damian talking with his pilot and decides to go rent a car to make his escape.

But when he goes to the nearby town, he spots a woman who looks like Rosanna.

At the station house, Bonnie warns Dusty not to take matters into his own hands.

While Katie waits in the hall with Brad, the doctor tells Vienna that she has lost the baby. After she sends Brad to find Henry, Katie comforts a devastated Vienna.

Later, a proud Henry finds Brad and Katie at home and shows them the $10,000 he just won to make up for the money the "shyster lawyer" stole from them.

They try to tell him what happened but he's too excited by his success. Finally, Vienna emerges and as she fights her tears, Katie tells him that Vienna fell at the TV studio.

Henry escorts her back to bed and then returns to ask Katie and Brad how this happened. Katie insists it was an accident but he doesn't believe her and takes his wife home.

Katie later tells Brad that she thinks her jealousy caused Vienna to lose the baby.

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