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Henry watches the vision of Brad as Katie cries in fear. When she hears Henry behind her, Katie tells him to get out but he refuses to leave.

As Henry wonders to Brad what he should do, Katie announces that she's leaving. Frustrated, Brad tells Henry that he doesn't know what he's supposed to do but feels that he's there for a reason.

Back at home, Katie hands Liberty Brad's football jersey he was wearing when he scored a winning touchdown. She assures the teen that Brad was very proud of her.

When Margo joins them, Liberty admits that she still blames Jack for her father's death and doesn't consider the shooting an accident.

Jack is taken aback to run into Carly outside the church. When he asks if she's feeling better, Carly explains that "she feels" which is better than before when she was drinking.

Later, Carly surprises Craig and Rosanna when they find her at the house.

She announces that it's time to get her life going again and boasts how happy she's going to be as Craig's wife.

After admitting to Margo he had two beers before he shot Brad, Jack hands in his gun. He approaches Katie and reveals what he did. She claims that she knows him well enough to know that Brad's death was not Jack's fault.

At the farm, Liberty tells a disbelieving Parker that Jack drank before he took her father from him. Parker insists Jack wouldn't have done that and storms out.

Eyeing Janet with Liberty, Jack writes a note explaining why he's got to get away for awhile.

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