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Holden advises Lily that she can't be married to him and Damian at the same time. Luke chases after Holden and learns that he saw Lily at the cabin with Damian.

Luke pleads with him to tell Lily but he boasts that he's had enough and is ending it, one way or another, today.

Parker is disgusted as Craig lies to Carly about why the teen was upset. Alone with him, Rosanna presses Craig to come clean to Carly about their relationship sooner rather than later.

But before they can, Carly decides she must get to an AA meeting. Carly takes a moment to thank Craig for his support and, as she kisses him,

Rosanna stares at them. Inviting them both to her meeting, Carly apologizes to Craig and Rosanna who runs from the room as she talks.

As Noah prepares to film a scene from his movie, Mason states that Luke shouldn't be on the set. Reminding him that this is his film, Noah insists that his boyfriend is welcome.

Mason takes back his words though he denies that he wouldn't allow Luke there. Mason watches as Noah happily welcomes Luke.

When the judge asks Lily which marriage she wants to annul, Damian interrupts and the judge agrees to postpone this hearing until tomorrow.

Later, Holden offers to stay married if she kicks Damian out of her life. Lily claims it wouldn't be fair to Damian. Meg meets officer Green from Kentucky.

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