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Searching Damian's hotel room, Meg finds the notes supposedly from Holden. Damian never submitted them to be analyzed.

Meg shows them to Lucinda who smiles that Damian's first reaction to everything is to lie.

In Kentucky, Eb holds Damian, Luke and Jack at gunpoint and demands his $100,000.

Jack tells Damian about the ransom but demands proof first that Holden is alive. Damian tries to jump Eb but gets shot for his effort.

Jack joins in the fight and manages to force Eb over the same cliff that Holden's truck fell off.

As the police search for a body, Damian lies to Luke and Jack that he's there because of a strange call from the sheriff.

He claims there are rumors that Holden might have been driving drunk and denies seeing the sheriff. When the deputy has no trace of his boss, Damian offers to fly Jack and Luke back to Oakdale.

In the hospital later, Damian thanks Luke for giving him another chance. Jack apologizes to Lily for not finding anything but then reveals that Damian was there.

Jack urges her to ask Damian for the truth.

While Damian is promising to be honest with Lily from now on, Lucinda hands the papers to Jack for analysis.

Jack hurries to confront Damian but finds him being comforted by Lily.

Damian lies again about the handwriting analysis. After they free themselves from the chains, Maeve kisses Holden just as a bruised Eb returns.

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