Making A Plan - Average Joe Season 1 Episode 2
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Flashbacks show ten years ago, Touch’s daughter, Donna, picks up a firearm in his bedroom and shoots his wife.

In the present day, Touch wakes up in his truck and freaks out. He bashes his head against the side of a bridge nearby and douses himself in alcohol.

At Joe’s house, Jennifer freaks out about Dimitri’s death while Joe moves the bodies from his truck into the garage. Angela wants Joe to explain what happened again, and Leon and Cathy show up soon after.

Cathy shows Leon the dead Russian in her trunk, and she and Leon get ushered inside.

Angela suggests they call Touch, as he is the police, but Joe reveals they cut him in on the plan. Cathy then suggests they cut the bodies up.

Unbeknownst to them, the other Russian henchman snoops around and finds a body in Leon’s trunk.

Once they decide to chop up the bodies, Leon disagrees, claiming they aren’t those kinds of people but pushes back. Jennifer then comes downstairs to say they should call the cops right before the Russian henchman arrives, demanding to know who killed his friend.

Leon steps up before Cathy can, but before he can hurt Leon, Touch knocks him out from behind.

The crew catches Touch up on the plan to chop up the bodies. And they decide to chop the bodies up in the basement of the hardware store before smearing the parts with peanut butter and throwing them in the woods.

Cathy and Touch get the basement ready, while Leon gets the peanut butter, and Joe brings the henchmen to the store.

Cathy and Leon start to hook up in the basement before they’re interrupted by Joe.

They bring in the henchman and tell him to chop up the bodies, but he refuses. Having broke free from his restraints, he gets the upper hand and demands to know where Dimitri is. They bring Dimitri’s dead body to him, and the man puts down his gun and sits with Dimitri. He explains that he broke a vow to protect Dimitri, and to keep his family safe, he must kill himself in public. They then allow him to call his wife and child to say goodbye.

Touch starts to cut up the body, and Leon passes out.

Joe drives the Russian to a public place, where he announces who he is before shooting himself in the head.

Joe returns to the basement and helps Touch and Cathy finish cutting up the bodies.

The men take the body parts out into the woods and toss them.

Leon and Cathy hook up at a hotel while Touch shoots up in bed, and Angela and Joe cuddle in theirs.

While two men play golf, they find a human head in the dunes.

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Average Joe Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Joe: Not a word of this to Cathy.
Angela: No, not a word. Or she might think we’re fucking nuts or something.

Jennifer: He loved me!
Joe: Jen, honey. I promise. Dimitri didn’t love you. He used you. Look at my fucking hand. This is what your boyfriend did to me. If I didn’t do what I did to him, he would have came after you and your mama next. And I wasn’t gone let that happen.
Jennifer: You killed him. You’re nuts. You both are.