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An inmate named John Cooper, one of Britten’s past arrests, escapes from jail and kidnaps Rex. After Britten’s retired partner shoots and kills Cooper before he can get any information from him Britten forces himself to sleep to question Cooper in the red reality.

With Cooper’s help Britten is able to piece together and get his former partner to admit that he stole money from a drug scene and framed Cooper. Since both Britten and Cooper hold up their respective sides of the bargain Britten is able to find out where Rex is being held.

Meanwhile, Hannah attends a memorial at a suicide prevention hotline in Rex’s honor.

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Awake Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Every time he smiles at me, every time he hugs me and says he loves me. I'm afraid he's gonna see that I didn't choose him.


You were tossing and turning last night. Did you have a bad dream?