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We first meet Detective Everett as he is having a physical examination. His doctor prescribes that he go out and make a friend. 

The team is then called to a the suicide of a wealthy college student. After inspecting the body, the team discovers that the suicide is actually a murder. 

Backstrom and gravely go to the college and discover that previously there was heroin being smuggled onto the campus. The team discovers heroin in Toby's room.  

The team is then led to Archibald, a classmate of Toby's who had a grudge against him. Archibald leads Backstrom and the team to a stripper named Cassandra. Cassandra claims that she was in love with Toby and is devastated. 

Gravely discovers that Cassandra's brother is the campus security agent. When Backstrom questions him the team discovers that Toby had a gun, but that it had been sabotaged by the drug dealer. 

Backstrom is uncomfortable with the the conclusion of the case and wants to find the gun that Toby was using. Backstrom discovers that the gun had been sabotaged and doesn't believe that Vicer would have been able to get so close. 

Backstom confronts Cassandra and eventually gets her to admit that she was the one who sabotaged the gun, even though she was in love with Toby. 

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Backstrom Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Your bloodshot eyes tell me that you have not been drinking.


"Maybe I am just an optimistic millennial and you are a pessimistic gen-x."