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Russ walks into the office on top of the world and Holly knocks him off by telling him she's sorry for attacking him and that it doesn't alter their friendship in any way. Talk about bursting his bubble.

When the squad gets excited about the upcoming whiffle ball game, it's tanked with the news of the murder of the coach, Zaransky. The Mayor called Milt in on the case and when Russ gets to the local school, Milt congratulates him on Holly, but Russ says he's wrong. Milt has a lot of words 

Russ runs into the principal, Lydia, and Milt just cannot get over all the women in Russ' life when she asks Russ to tone down the edges. It's as if he's coming alive before Milt's eyes.

Funk and Font chat with Coach's wife. She's distraught and points her finger at a dude named Eddie. That's the same guy Russ and Milt are hearing about from the new coach.

Holly assumes that Milt was a quarterback in high school and he rolls with it despite playing, what was it, cricket? He goes to the school and talks to the quarterback. The kid has no desire to play college ball. He wants to go to school for pre-med. He tanked the game on purpose. 

The dad, however, didn't do anything about it.

Jacocks, thankfully, tells Russ Holly doesn't really want to be just friends. She urges him to ask her out. When he does, she turns him down. She got into law school. It's in Indiana. She let him off the hook because she's leaving. It will hurt a lot less if they leave it alone.

Russ gives her a does of "easier this way" by bringing in a cake the next day. 

Sports at the center of everything takes precedence as even the principal doesn't want to know about the grades that were bought to keep terrible students playing ball. It's pathetic. 

Dash cam footage shows Eddie's father knew his son had committed suicide before his father was notified of his death.

Russ apologizes to Holly for lying about being happy for her. He's not. He wants to fight for her, to be together and make a long distance relationship work. Judging from the kiss at the end in plain sight of their coworkers and the lobsters crawling on the floor, they're going to do it.

Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Milt: Russ, why are you denying that you and Holly were involved in a 2-3-7?
Russ: Excuse me?
Milt: Office down! [chuckles]

High school sports. It teaches you hypocrisy and entitlement.