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Milt is in a hoodie and crying in a parking lot. Forward. Positive. Embrace the day, he says. Then he screams and goes running.

When Milt gets back into his car, it doesn't start straight away. It explodes. When Russ and the team get to the park, there is nobody and they have no idea who was in the car or who it belonged to. Milt walks up and asks to speak to Russ in private. Russ is all aflutter about his private life and Holly. He tells Russ that's his car and he was in it when it blew up. Russ doesn't believe him. Milt says he needs just him. When we next see the two, they're in it together.

Russ wants to know who Milt is protecting. Milt says Russ will continue going along with Milt without answers until he gets them so he's not talking yet. They enlist Meredith for help and ask her to stay quiet.

The car was fortified like a tank. 

Russ and Milt stalk Milt's place for a while before Russ says they should probably start stalking Milt's stalker. While Russ is in a skeevy motel looking for the guy who is stalking him, Milt gets taken and when Russ gets back to the rape van, he gets pummeled and wakes up in the trunk next to Milt. Milt finally spills why he's being stalked. He killed the guy's son.

Flashback to Malibu five years earlier. Two young kids are surfing. Milt is out there, too. They heard Milt sold weed. Next thing ya know, the kid's in cuffs in an interrogation room. Milt is trying to get another guy through this kid. They're both students. He 

Back at the station, the squad is realizing the evidence was never taken to the FBI and Russ and Milt are missing.

Milt is still telling the tale of the major drug dealer and the son he killed. He never had a warrant for the bug the kid was wearing, either. Russ is surprised. The dealer is trying to flush out the cops by threatening to push the kid over the edge and Milt refuses to allow his partner to intervene and it was the right call.

When Casey makes the tradeoff, the dealer's son holds him hostage and freaks. While the dealer tries to talk his son off the edge, Milt shoots his son through the forehead.

Now the shocker. It's not the Dealer who wants Milt dead. It's Casey's dad, played by Robert Sean Leonard. Russ still doesn't understand how that got Milt blackballed. It didn't. From then on out, Milt did everything by the book. 

When Casey's dad opens the trunk, Russ decides he's not going anywhere. Russ is his partner. 

In another surprising twist, Milt holds a gun on the Font when he shows up. He gives the gun to the dad with one bullet. He says he deserves to die and if he thought it would matter and it would bring his son back, he'd put the gun to his own head. It's a nice speech, but it doesn't work. The guy shoots him. Russ runs over. You're gonna be OK. I know. 

Battle Creek
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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Hey, Shaggy. I look like I want a room? You got a guy staying here, nasty scar under his left eye?


I work with people who have sex in rooms monitored by cameras. Keeping secrets clearly isn't their strong suit.