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Gabe promises to keep killing until...who knows? With only one beast to stop him, Vincent and Cat set to task.

New York City, 1854 -- a beast looking very much like Vincent is being hunted while a gal looking like Cat fights off his predators. It's Rebecca Reynolds and Alistair. There is another beast who framed Alistair, just like Gabe and Vincent. Cat awakens from a dream.

Vincent comes into the room, spatula in hand. He's making eggs.

As Vincent points out the reality that a journal is for recording thoughts and not facts, Cat wonders why she wrote that she killed Alistair if she didn't. The teenager in my immediately knows the answer.

JT arrives with the news of Gabe's reintegration into beasthood. They all go to the scene. Tess has kept it under wraps so far.

Cat and Vincent walk through a throng of reporters and Cat imagines Rebecca and Alistair doing the same.

Cat decides to call Agent Knox who is being killed by Gabe. There go all of my plans for the team to work with the FBI next season. Gabe growls into the phone.

JT computes that Gabe will kick Vincent's ass or, more likely, kill him.

The most awkward timing award goes to JT who wants to talk about his relationship with Tess when she comes over to talk about what's going down.

Cat goes to see Daddy Reynolds in prison. He tries to convince her that all beasts get worse, and admits Vincent and Cat being different doesn't make sense to him. He decides it's her love that changed Vincent and if she can keep him from going past the point of no return, which he still believes is inherent in all beasts, she can save him.

JT finds Gabe in Chinatown, sitting on a bench waiting for Gabe. Gabe is happy that Vincent found him, but disappointed in him for taking so long. He's still spouting the mantra that he's doing it all for Cat's protection.

JT tranqs Vincent and they plan to use his blood to lure Gabe. Cat comes in with the journal, believing it's their best hope to save Vincent.

Back in the journal, Rebecca thinks it's her destiny to kill the beast and she leaves the stone near Alistair to keep him from following.

Gabe decides to go after JT and is outside his loft.

Cat plays out the exact same scenario she read in Rebecca's journal, locking Vincent in a cage.

Chief Ward goes along with Tess' plans but if she doesn't deliver Gabe, he gets Vincent.

Cat feels strange not doing things with Vincent, but Tess thinks it's too late to worry. SWAT is locked and loaded.

Cat recalls what she read in the journal and wonders if by protecting him she inadvertently made him vulnerable to the other beast.

Tess envies Cat her love for Vincent and wonders how she would know if JT is the one, before realizing it's not the time to do it.

In a morphed scene, Vincent and Alistair both try to get out of their cages, but are left defeated, staring at the green stone.

As Cat is dripping blood, she recalls the journal and Alistair being taken by the crowd, innocent but believed guilty. He is burned at the stake while the other beast watches from the rooftops and Rebecca cries in agony.

Cat goes back for Vincent. They need to trust in their love. They run to JT's to find him strung up and sliced clean through.

Tess is distraught at what Gabe did to JT. Cat sends her with him to the hospital.

Vincent wants to destroy JT, but Cat realizes it's what Gabe wants, to destroy himself because he and Cat don't do it together.

Gabe taunts Vincent "Come out come out wherever you are" leading to the pool table we saw in the photos. Il Cantuccio.

A beastly showdown ensues and while Gabe is proudly assessing Vincent won't cross the line to kill him Cat snaps the collar on around his neck. Taming the biological beast didn't tame the man-beast Gabe had become and he backhands her, tossing her across the room. As he comes at her with a broken wine bottle, Cat puts up a pool cue and Gabe is impaled upon it.

Cat delivers all the evidence that JT amassed to Chief Ward. He thinks it sounds crazy, but the documents about cross-series DNA is all documented in Gabe's own hand. Ward says if the evidence holds, Vincent is off the hook and gives Cat her badge back.

At the hospital, Tess says JT isn't going to make it. He lost too much blood and there is nothing they can do. The sound of crash alarms go off and they run into JT's room. He's awake.

When the doctor takes off his mask, it's one of the fellows who had held Vincent captive. Vincent goes off to talk to him.

The agents tell Vincent they are the ones who got him exonerated and suggest Vincent should have taken Gabe out a couple days ago when he had the chance.

JT was given an experimental nano-plasma to trigger molecule regeneration. That's all they get to know unless they agree to help them. There are a lot worse threats out there and they want them to help them find out what they're up against.


Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

OK. Mock me all you want, but I'm telling you, history is repeating itself.


Cat: It's really strange isn't it, just sitting here, not dodging manhunts or the media or other beasts.
Vincent: Gabe.
Cat: I honestly think he tried to do the right thing, to make amends, he just couldn't.
Vincent: Well, I don't think any beast can, at least none that we've come up against. You know sooner or later, we all cross the line somehow.
Cat: You didn't and neither did Alistair.
Vincent: True, but that's because we both had someone who loved us very much. I'm serious, how else would you explain it? You know Catherine, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here right now. I'd just be like all the others.
Cat: What do I get out of it?
Vincent: One kick-ass boyfriend slash bodyguard. (both laugh) And you know, a destined love.
Cat: Oh that. I'll take it.