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When Cat won't help, Gabe goes to Vincent to help track down a suspected beast. 

Cat tries to get over Vincent while going out with Tess.
Vincent wants to get on with knocking beasts off the list because he remembers Cat.
Vincent tells Bob he needs another mission so that he can get Catherine out of his head.
Cat gets into a bar fight and drop kicks a judge in the process, getting herself and Tess arrested.
Tess still thinks Gabe is into Cat.
Gabe thinks big oil is funding beast research by creating fire resistant beasts to put out fires.
When Cat won't ask Vincent for help tracking a beast, Gabe goes to Vincent's on his own.
Gabe tells Vincent about the beast, and Vincent wants to kill it despite Gabe's request to the contrary.
Vincent's nephew comes to investigate the arson and memories come crashing down around him, putting him into full on beast mode.
Vincent kisses Cat before heading into the fire to look for Aaron.
In the fire, Vincent remembers why he wasn't a firefighter and the towers coming down.
Vincent saves Aaron.
Aaron comes to the police station to thank Cat and ask if he might be able to talk to Vincent.
Vincent and Cat talk, walk and visit the 9/11 Memorial reflecting pools.
Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Bob: What's going on here? Why the sudden rush? What happened? Does it have something to do with Catherine?
Vincent: Yeah. You know what? Yeah, it does. OK? I remembered something about her. You know, it wasn't much, it was just a flash, but sir, it is messing with my head, OK? I feel like I am two different people and it's driving me crazy.

Cat: OK - my life is a mess, are you happy?
Tess: Only if you switch out those earrings. They're too dangly. I can't. I just can't, I can't.

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 4 Music

  Song Artist
Little daylight glitter and gold Glitter and Gold Little Daylight iTunes
The crookes hold fast Hold Fast The Crookes iTunes
James bay stealing cars Stealing Cars James Bay iTunes