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On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 7, Cat and Vincent have been on the run for three days trying to escape from the person/assassin who's after them. Cat comes up with the idea to trick the assassin by pretending to go out of town to elope which would make him follow them and it would also protect the people they care about.

Vincent isn't on board with eloping, but Cat reassures him that they aren't getting married for real and they won't even file the official paperwork saying they're married. Things go as planned and the assassin follows them out of town, but at the last minute Vincent can't go along with it and tells Cat he doesn't agree with what they're doing because he wants to remember his wedding day as something important. Cat is more nonchalant about the whole thing and tries to convince Vincent it's just a piece of paper, but Vincent isn't budging. Before they can continune their fight, Cat is taken by the assassin who demands both Vincent and Cat need to go back with him because they have explaining to do.

Back in New York, Heather is interviewing for a job at a cosmetics company, but things take a turn for the worse when the woman, Julianna, interviewing Heather turns out to be the one behind the experiments. Julianna makes Heather tell her everything about Vincent and Cat including how Vincent's a beast. When Vincent and Cat are brought to her office, Julianna tries to figure out why they are after her and who they're working for. Cat states they aren't working for anyone, but Julianna isn't buying it and threatens Vincent's life. Before she can harm Vincent, JT comes through and provokes Vincent's beast side and he's able to fight off the assassin and Cat beats up Julianna.

In the end, Julianna is put into an induced coma and may not wake up from it. Cat decides she wants to have a big wedding and informs Vincent of her changed mind.

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