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Aidan decides to host a house party for the neighborhood watch so, as one neighbor says, we can take back the night. An Officer Garrity seems to recognize Aidan, and that is later confirmed when Bishop tells him Garrity did an inquiry on him. Aidan tries to find out why Garrity is interested, and he pulls out a drawing of a man who could look like Aidan and killed his father when he was 10 years old. He follows Aidan, kills him in the street. Or so he thought.

Josh and Aidan meet a ghost to be friends, with Sally. They can feel one another, and she's ecstatic, even though he looks like an 80s rocker. Tony the ghost, who's been one since 1987, teaches Sally the ropes of ghost living. She can be anywhere she wants with only her mind. He takes her outside for the first time since she has died. He takes her to a beautiful spot, her grave. Her friendship with Tony is short-lived, as he finds closure and a door opens for him to the other side.

Josh really takes to the neighborhood watch. Smelling paint blocks away, he rushes to the tagger, almost killing him. While others think him a hero, he realizes the closer he is to people the more likely he will be to hurt them and draws back inside himself.

Bishop offers to turn Garrity, who panics. Aidan shows up and attempts to compel him into forgetting he ever saw Aidan. Aidan sees him and believes he was successful, until Bishop shows up with an envelope, spelling out the truth.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Sally: Why are you wearing makeup?
Tony: Why aren't you?

Aidan: Josh, it is a party. Relax. Now. I should make a seven-layer dip, right?
Josh: No. No, you shouldn't.