Being Mary Jane Season 1

"Uber Love"

David confronts Mary about stealing his sperm on the Being Mary Jane season finale. Read on for a recap.

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Mary Jane grows devastated on this episode, while Talk Back gets suspended.

"Hindsight is 20/40"

Mary Jane and Andre encounter problems over a picture this week, while Patrick breaks the news that he's moving out.


MJ has to make a big decision on this episode of Being Mary Jane. Meanwhile, Paul attempt to please Helen.

"Mixed Messages"

Andre slips on this episode of Being Mary Jane. Elsewhere, Kara’s changes prove too much for Mark.

"The Huxtables Have Fallen"

On Being Mary Jane, she must face the reality that her affair is now out and Mary Jane finally give an answer to Andre's proposal.

"Girls Night In"

Mary Jane has a big talk with Andre on this episode. Elsewhere, tension arises between Kara and the title character.

We meet Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane on the series premiere of Being Mary Jane. She's a successful news anchor.

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