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Niecy is treating her girls to a ridiculously expensive night out. She's not going for any other men because she's focused on Dante. He's been there for the kids. Her friends think she's nuts.

Mary Jane is lonely while Lee's away, and she and PJ head out for some ribs since they're missing dad's rib fest.

Mary Jane decides to buy a smoker and put it on her $1000 per night hotel room balcony. PJ overrides that one. He also wants a favor for Olivia's girl.

Niecy rises to the challenge of a jealous bitch at the club and gets kicked out. It results in a media frenzy of other jealous people and gets totally out of control.

Meanwhile, Deja is having her own troubles at a mixer because of Niecy's actions.

Helen can't believe what she sees, and leaves the mixer to go home. She's very disappointed with Niecy.

Niecy finds Dante, who appears to have gotten all he wanted from her – a $45,000 car.

She has to appear in court for violating her settlement agreement.

When she jumped onto Twitter to talk back to the bitches, she spoke about the tasing incident and violated the agreement.

Deja won't be endorsed for initiation to Jack and Jane because she's going to be forced to pay for the sins of her mother and grandfather.

Niecy has to give the money back. Of course, it's all gone. The family is disappointed again, but Niecy is ready to step up. What greets her at Dante's isn't pleasant.

But Niecy makes the most of it. She believes she and Anika should get their kids together for play dates since they're siblings.

Patrick asks Paul for advice. Paul advices him to let Niecy fall, but to be there to pick her up.

Niecy crumbles when she realizes just how bad things are after Treyvion asks about his daddy and why he can't be family with Isabella and Marquee.

When Helen confronts Joan about her family's issues, she wants to remind everyone of the work they do, not be judged by those who shouldn't be doing the judging.

Dante comes to the house and Niecy finally makes her stand against the stupid ass.


Being Mary Jane
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Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I will not tolerate this kind of behavior under my roof. Baby girl, your behavior has consequences for the entire family.


Mary Jane: Don't you ever miss Atlanta?
PJ: Why would I want to go back to the place where I was twirlin' signs and sellin' weed?