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Justin is the big man on campus, driving MJ nuts.

When a kid gets assaulted by his father for wearing a kilt, Rhonda and Justin think it's not newsworthy. Instead they go for Rhonda's winter wedding Vera Wang story.

Justin has been assigned to produce MJ's stories, whether as reward or punishment, he's not sure. He just wants her stories to have an angle going forward.

Kara doesn't want Orlando to go "there" anymore.

When MJ proceeds with the story, putting it online, it gets 1 million hits straight away. Garrett wants to run with it for the 8 o'clock hour. Justin doesn't agree. Garrett doesn't care.

MJ tries getting to the kilt kid, but can't get anyone to answer the front door.

Kara, Lee, PJ and MJ all have dinner together, PJ sporting a Rolex.

Kara doesn't like sex with Orlando, but her kids think it's the coolest thing ever that she's hanging with him.

Kara is ready to help Justin learn about using the strong body he has.

MJ wants to bring D-Razor onto the show. Justin thinks a cross-dressing rapper would be horrid on the morning show. They take it to Garrett. Garrett approves but doesn't want them bringing anymore issues like that to him.

PJ seems to be in a good place with his mentor Olivia.

Orlando is trying too hard with Kara, so she has to keep teaching him. He's not a good student.

MJ's interview with D-Razor goes really well.

Orlando goes back to Kara's to talk about his penant win. If he can do all of that, then he can master all this.

Kara teaches Orlando how to warm up and get into the zone.

If he can win the penant, he knows he can master all that.

Natalie at the office tries to get Justin to go to the Knicks game with her, but she discovers he has a girlfriend and buys the tickets off of her for twice the price she paid.

Justin wants to know why MJ is in the office if she still hasn't scored an interview with Kilt Kid.

Olivia calls PJ about her daughter Ava. She wants him to look into internships for her. Instead Ava shows up with a pal to get a look at her new babysitter.

Kara is still having sex while Mary Jane meets up with Calhoun who decides to go on the show to spite his dad. And no, he's not gay.

Garrett wonders what the heck Orlando did to hurt his neck. He's going to miss the beginning of spring training.

Mary Jane learns Justin's father dropped a lot of hard truths on him, but he's not a victim. He's a winner. It never held him back.

When Orlando just wants to hang out, Kara isn't really into it.

Lee is very impressed with what Mary Jane did with Calhoun. He tries to get her to understand he's different than the other guys she dated in the same way Calhoun is different than his peers. MJ still needs a little time.

Being Mary Jane
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Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

I can feel it's wrong for a kid to be bullied for wearing kilts, but that doesn't mean I want my man wearing them.


Why do we do that? Question a person's sexual orientation based on what they wear?