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The Berlin Station team is ready to execute an operation that will, hopefully, keep hundreds of pounds of explosives off the streets of Berlin. Hector doesn't feel confident. Daniel is hoping to be a savior to Lena. Everyone else is getting into position.

In a move that can't possibly make Daniel happy, Hector and Lena remain at the service station while he drives off with the explosives to the drop point.

Hector tries to talk to Lena, but she can't stand him.

Valerie gets a call from an excited Joseph. He has a speech ready and is counting on Gerhardt not showing up.

Daniel is getting ready to deliver the goods and makes a great spectacle of the explosives for proof of their power.

When Hector tells Lena the money has to actually arrive at the other end, Lena leaves the station. Otto plans on stiffing the team. Hector looks at the laptop, calls the team and tells them to get Daniel out of there NOW.

Lena is calling her dad. She doesn't know what to do. They were stiffed. There is quite a car chase out there with pileups all over the road. Valerie is worried about Joseph, but Esther wonders if Joseph wasn't the one who warned Gerhard off payment in the first place.

Surprisingly, Hector takes Lena with him when he goes. She tries to give him money to make things even, but that's not what he wants. She's worried for her life, rightfully.

Everyone is piling up at the location of the van. Daniel admits to Otto who he is. Otto knows he's fucked. Otto didn't want to be feared anymore. He wanted to be respected, and that's what Gerhard promised him. She was the perfect politician.

Hector has Lena at the scene. He's telling her to run far and fast to get herself out.

Daniel is such a good person. He tries to talk Otto into testifying against Gerhard. He's so close, too.

Outside the van, Robert asks Esther to give Daniel more time. The police are itchy, trigger happy.

Daniel tries to use Lena to talk Otto into working with him. Hector has Lena on the phone. While Robert tries to stave off the German police from firing, Lena begs him not to do it. Otto wants Daniel out of the van so he can die. Daniel desperately wants Lena to live a life free of the carnage Otto himself suffered, and Otto was so close.

Hector grabs and attempts to comfort Lena who just saw her father die. Daniel walking out, aching with the failed attempt. Ester is disgusted to see Gerhard just bought herself another 5% of the polls.

Robert goes back to the office to find BB there, blaming herself. It was herself that the op went off the rails because she read Haynes into the op.

She says it was her intention to save their jobs, or Robert's job. Robert says he's too tired to be angry, but he's really disappointed.

When Robert gets home, Steven is there. He's not alone. He brough with him a top secret file for Station Chief eyes only. Who fucked up the operation? It wasn't Haynes. It was Steven. He translated into plain English and he's happy about it, telling Robert he did the right thing.

BB wants to know from Haynes exactly how far he'll go to protect Gerhard.

Joseph is waiting for Valerie in the stairwell of her apartment building. He wants to apologize.

Hector introduces Lena to Daniel and then introduces himself as Hector. CIA and ex-CIA. She doesn't realize the lengths they've gone to for her nor her father, but she needed to cry and lash out.

Steven wonders why the name of the arms dealer sounds so familiar. Robert tells him it's Hector. Amazingly, Steven has some good ideas about who might be funding Gerhard. A fishing scheme in Norway. Wanna take a trip?

Daniel doesn't want what Lena has been through to ruin the rest of her life. The two of them list the three letter organizations after her and how far they're willing to go to protect her.


Berlin Station
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Berlin Station Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Valerie: You already have a speech written don't you?
Joseph: She brought this upon herself. It's the end of her; it's not the end of the PFD.

Robert: Nope. It still just says it's searching. Fuckin' thing's broken.
April: Put the numbers into your phone and then press join.
Robert: I did.
April: You need me to walk you through it?
Robert: No.
April: Again?
Robert: No. My generation invented this technology. Yours gets to play with it.