Betrayal Season 1

"...a better way."

Jack and Sara's family ponder what comes next when Sara is shot on the season 1 finale of Betrayal.

"Sharper than a serpent's tooth..."

Jack and Drew must set their differences aside to take down Karsten on Betrayal.

"...the Karsten way."

The McAllister and Karsten families are sent reeling after Jack's confession on Betrayal.

"...Number 16"

Jack and Sara take a big step in their relationship as the murder investigation hangs over their heads while Elaine and Aiden attempt to define their new roles on Betrayal.

"It's just you and me now..."

Even with the FBI on his tail, Jack takes Sara on a romantic holiday on Betrayal.

"...One More Shot"

The strain on Sara and Drew's relationship affects their son while Jake isn't their for the twins birthday on Betrayal.

""We're not going to Bailey's Harbor""

Sara and Jack try to figure out how to handle their personal relationships when the truth comes bout about their affair on Betrayal.

"...The Things That Drive Men Crazy"

Jack makes an intense confession that brings him closer to Sara on Betrayal.

"If You Want the Fruit..."

Drew and Jack have a heated confrontation in the courtroom while Sara tries to handle her fantasies about Jack on Betrayal.

"...Except When a Bear Is Chasing You"

The reality of who Jack really is begins to sink in for Sara, who makes a major decision about her marriage on Betrayal.


On the series premiere of Betrayal, a photographer begins a torrid affair with an attorney before she realized that her husband will be prosecuting a high profile case against her lover.

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