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As Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 2 begins, Tuco Salamanca is cooking dinner for his grandmother when she comes into the house with the skaters. Tuco sends his grandmother upstairs so that he can deal with the problem. The skaters continue trying to extort him and end up beaten with a cane.

Tuco's grandmother comes downstairs to find the skaters gone and Tuco scrubbing blood out of the carpet. He tells her he spilled salsa and sends her back upstairs. After he calls for help removing the bodies, Jimmy knocks on the door and Tuco answers, pointing a gun in Jimmy's face. 

Jimmy talks his way out of death, likely not for the last time, but when he rejoins his clients in the garage, they tell Tuco the scam was his idea and Tuco no longer seems interested in letting Jimmy live. 

Jimmy, Tuco, the skaters, and two of Tuco's associates end up in the desert. To try and save his life, Jimmy tells Tuco about his scam on the Ketelmans. Tuco doesn't believe him, and doesn't believe he's a lawyer, and tries to cut his finger off. Jimmy shouts that he's an FBI agent and that he's been investigating them. Tuco's associate doesn't believe him. 

Jimmy repeats the truth that he's a lawyer who was running a scam and promises to forget their faces and associations. Tuco wants to kill them all, but Nacho says it would be bad for business. They compromise and let Jimmy go. The skaters don't seem so lucky. They shouldn't have insulted Tuco's abuelita.

Jimmy spins a tale about the skaters' mother and how hard she works for her boys  and says that they don't deserve to die. Jimmy appeals to Tuco's sense of justice and turns Tuco into a judge and tells Tuco to hit the boys where they live. Jimmy convinces Tuco to break one leg on each of the boys and shakes hands with the gangster.

Buoyed up in confidence, Jimmy goes on a date with a lovely lady and plies here with drink after drink. In the background he's distracted by a man breaking breadsticks, the sound reminding him of the skaters' broken legs.

Chuck is busy ironing clothes when Jimmy comes in drunk and stumbling through the house. He passes out on the couch and Chuck panics when he sees that Jimmy has brought a cell phone inside. He tosses the phone into the yard and then sees the urgent care bill that had fallen out of Jimmy's pocket.

When Jimmy wakes up, Chuck is wrapped in a space blanket to ward off any lingering electromagnetic fields remaining from Jimmy's cell phone. He tries to assure Chuck that he hasn't become Slippin' Jimmy again when Chuck sees the urgent care bill and thinks his brother has fallen into old habits.

Jimmy goes to the courthouse to pick up a public defense case or two so that he can pay his bills. Jimmy continues representing the indigent, some of them more than once. Mike continues refusing to let him out of the parking lot without the appropriate number of stickers.

He returns to his office in the back of the nail salon and finds he still has no messages, meaning no clients who can pay. The office, as it turns out, isn't just his office. It's also where he sleeps. 

Just as he settles in for a nap, the nail salon manager knocks on the door. He has a customer. It's Nacho. He wants to rip the Ketelmans off because they're thieves and offers to pay Jimmy a 10% finder's fee when he does. Jimmy says no because he's not a criminal. Nacho leaves his phone number in case Jimmy changes his mind.

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