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We begin with a present day scene with Saul as Gene, who is living his secret life as a manager at Cinnabon. He encounters a thief hiding during his lunch break at the mall. The cops come and Gene rats out the thief, but then shouts out that he needs a lawyer to protect his rights.

Gene, back from lunch, passes out.

Jimmy and Chuck discuss the taped confession, then talk about their childhood.

Chuck threatens Jimmy. 

Jimmy and Kim discuss the situation with Chuck. 

Chuck plays the tape for Howard, but Howard tries to talk Chuck out of proceeding with a vendetta against Jimmy.

The Mike story picks up from the end of the last season, with Mike fleeing the scene of his attempted assassination. 

He tears the car apart, looking for a tracker or some other sort of surveillance device. 

After spending hours, he finally finds a tracker inside the gas cap. He abandons the car at the auto yard.

Once home, he checks his other car for the same tracker, and finds one there as well.

He writes down the number of the tracker, and replaces the gas cap.

Jimmy is confronted by the military captain he duped last season to get on the base to make a commercial.

Jimmy calls his bluff.

Mike drives away from work, but leaves the gas cap. He meets his contact to secure an identical tracking device.

Kim meets with Paige from Mesa Verde, and takes documents to finalize the case. 

Kim obsesses over punctuation in the Mesa Verde document. 

Ernesto delivers groceries to Chuck, and overhears part of the tape. Chuck explodes, screaming at Ernesto to not tell anyone her heard the tape. He agrees.

Mike receives the replacement tracker and puts the new one into his gas cap. Mike drains the battery from the original tracker, and throws it away. 

He stakes out his car all night,and watches as a man puts a new tracker in his car and takes what he thinks is the old one. He took Mike's tracker, and now Mike can use that to track the man's whereabouts.


Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Chuck: Jimmy, you do realize you just confessed to a felony?
Jimmy: I guess. But you feel better, right? Besides, it's your word against mine.

Say nothing, you understand? Get a lawyer-get a lawyer!