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When Ted picks up his daughter from the office day care, he's stuck listening to her rambling stories until she tells him about some Pancake guy getting fired.  When he realizes it's one of his best engineers, Panco, he takes the news Veronica, and they use it during a product meeting with the bosses to save his job.  Veronica and Ted begin using Rose to extract information from the employees' kids and despite the moral issues, things seem to be going well until they fire the wrong guy.  They think some employee is going to Seattle to sell secrets, when in fact he's going to see cattle.  Ted let's the guy taze him and it's all good.

Linda has a publisher interested in her children's novel she wrote about a Lemur, that looks remarakably like Phil.  After getting Phil's permission, who's actually excited by the idea, she heads home to work on it.  Apparently any work done by an employee of Veridian is property of the company so she needs to keep it a secret.  Linda finishes the book with Phil's help, but finds out her publisher sold the rights to the Lemur, which some Japanese company used for an ad to sell beer to children.  She goes to Veronica to have Veridian take control of the book and get it back from the Japanese.  At the end of the epiosde, Veronica is reading her book to the children at day care.  Cute.

Lem, meanwhile, is sleeping with one of the hot lawyers, Nadine (Chelsey Crisp), until he finds out the company has been billing him for time he spends with her.  After a few more times, Lem can't go over the fact he's paying for sex... or that she says "purr" instead of making the sound.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Linda: Hey there, Bloopity-Bloo.
Ted: Bloopity-Bloo?
Linda: It's a nickname I came up with for you, right off the top of my head.
Ted: Hmm, so what made you get high before work this morning?

Phil: She seemed nice.
Lem: That was Nadine.
Phil: Oh, good. So you know each other.
Lem: Yeah, she's one of the company's lawyers. Sorry for not introducing you.
Phil: Your tongue was kind of busy. All up inside her month.
Lem: She's amazing. It's just that we both work such long hours, it's hard to find time to go out. So we usually meet in her office, where she has a door that closes and a closet where we can hang our clothes so we're crisp and fresh after we've soiled each other.
Phil: The only time I've ever been naked in this building is that time I was deloused. Remember, when those super lice got out and tried to colonize me?
Lem: Mmm. This is more fun then that.